Marquette’s 雷诺纪念图书馆 and the 雷和凯埃克斯坦法律图书馆 offer more than 1.500万册, 数百个研究数据库, 计算机访问, 笔记本电脑外借, CD和视频收藏, and library staff members who help researchers from around the world.


的 雷诺纪念图书馆 are a central hub for discovery and learning on campus, 提供学生, 教师, and staff with access to 数百个研究数据库, millions of print and digital books, unique archival collections (包括字母J.R.R. Tolkien collection), and other research collections and tools. Specialized research expertise and general research help are readily available from the library’s friendly staff. 的 library’s buildings feature a mix of comfortable seating and group study spaces, 200多个计算机站, and 24/7 access to 雷诺图书馆’s first and second floors during regular semester hours. Visit the 雷诺纪念图书馆 homepage.


的 雷和凯埃克斯坦法律图书馆 is a library without borders — a library fully integrated into Eckstein Hall and the law school community on all four floors. 的 law library collection is available to law 教师 and law students all times the building is open. All non-law MU 教师 and students are welcome to use the law library 办公时间内. However, at times, access to the third and fourth floors is restricted to the law community. To obtain items on the third and fourth floors during these restricted periods please inquire at the circulation desk. 的 law library is also open to the public for purposes of conducting legal research. Public patrons must adhere to Eckstein Hall’s 游客的政策. Reference librarians and library staff are available during library 服务时间.

拜访或电话 for more information about law library services and access. Visit the 雷和凯埃克斯坦法律图书馆 homepage.